First Post!

This is the first ever post on my new website. All old posts have been deleted due to a botched (my fault) server upgrade.

After deciding to upgrade my server a while ago, things got a little hairy because of the amount of non-standard (as in – didn’t come with my distribution of Linux) and unmanaged (by the distribution) software I’d installed, as I simply needed feature x or bugfix y.
Except after the upgrade, things went horribly wrong; the version of MySQL that had been installed (replaced over my custom install) didn’t like something about the data files I had, so *that* stopped working. Then I discovered that Samba (for serving files to the internal network) had given up the ghost, rendering the point of a server almost non-existant.
At the weekend, just gone, I decided enough was enough and that I’d fix it. So, one weekend later we have a server that’s largely running standard software (I’ll admit there’s a bit here and there that isn’t standard, but I’m making damn sure I make no mistakes with the package manager this time :)
And because b2 isn’t available anymore, your humble servant’s website is being run on WordPress. And it’ll stay looking like this, probably, cos I’ve never managed to find time to prettify a website of mine yet ;)

6 thoughts on “First Post!”

  1. Hmm, this ‘Better Half’, ‘Other Half’ is going to confuse me, I just know it… Go on – add in ‘Hung-over Half’ and ‘Go-faster Half’ and use them interchangeably, just to keep everyone on their toes ;)

    Now that you’ve got first post, do you have to mod yourself down ?

  2. Glad you found it ok. I’d noticed that you had got the old site’s RSS feed still working, so I added in a mod-rewrite rule especially for you so you’d get the new stuff :)

  3. I have to ‘better half’ just to clarify the situation Ian, so there can be no confusion at all :) I suppose I could have been ‘older half’ or ‘wiser half’ or even ‘safe-car-driver half’ but then I  would get too confused (which isn’t difficult at my age ;) ) But then again if other half were renamed as bike-freak half we would all know where we stand, wouldn’t we?……..

  4. Heh – thanks for such attention to detail on my behalf ! I’ve changed now, mainly so I can track the Comments too.

    No, there’s no point in making this stuff easy, or everyone will be doing it – we need more ‘alfs, like ‘Half-n-Half’, just to confuse the White Coffee brigade :)

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