XChat for Windows

There has been a spate, recently, of IRC clients for windows becoming pay-for, shareware applications. Whilst this is not a bad thing, afterall software engineers need to eat too, it means that the previously free IRC clients are now no longer available. However, and there is some good news here, XChat which is completely free-as-in-speech is still available in source form under the GPL. So, instead of you having to pay for the Windows compiled version of the program, I’ve compiled it for you (you lucky people) and made it available to download.
It’s only downside is that you also need to download and install GTK for Windows, although to make things easier, a nice installer is available here. I’ve tested the XChat executable I compiled against GTK 2.4.13-rc1 and rc2, so these or any later versions should do. XChat is downloadable from here. Install and chat to your heart’s content. The source code for XChat (as I’m distributing a binary, I have to put a link to it) is on sourceforge.

4 thoughts on “XChat for Windows”

  1. no I just sit hear all night, every night waiting for you to put something interesting onto this computer. Im getting alittle bored with ‘Xchat for Windows’ now, so please give us something NEW.

  2. Its 8 days, you haven’t yet hit my 9 day timeout for an interesting post, yet.
    You should have seen my old site, it got a comment every three months. Don’t hold your breath… :)

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