Virtual Hosting part one.

There’s a master plan afoot. I’m now running a completely  dynamic virtual hosting system on this server. Web services, name services and email are all dynamically worked out from SQL queries. “Why is this newsworthy?” you ask? Well, it’s to do with me showing off, basically. This is (as you can see from the title) only part one (part zero which I achieved about 18 months ago was web and mail services run dynamically, but the web was a cheat, which required a filesystem hack). Now, though, it’s all done “properly” from SQL databases. Which of course means that I’m going to need some management software to add/remove/administer domains properly   rather than hacking rows into databases like I have to do now. Maybe part one-and-a-half should be rationalisation of the databases into one single database, just to make it a little easier on myself. But maybe that gets done after the management interface is finished. Just maybe. I’ll let you know.