Spam control

Hopefully after yesterday we should be seeing less spam on the site in comments and trackbacks. I upgraded to WordPress 1.5 2 days ago which has some anti-spam measures itself, plus I’ve installed a couple of plugins (yay, proper plugins in 1.5) one of which is called Spam Karma. It’s the business. Normally, I get up in the morning, and there’s usually 30 or 40 spams, 5 or so make it through moderation into the live comment system. Not today; every single one has been binned (correctly) and my email hasn’t gone loopy with moderation requests. I really am impressed with this plugin, and recommend it to anyone running WP 1.5 :) Actually, I’d recommend anybody not running WP 1.5 to upgrade and install the plugin, it’s that impressive.

Spam Karma is available from Dr Dave’s blog or is available as a one click install in WP-Plugin Manager (an excellent plugin manager tool) available from Dr Dave’s blog again, listed in the Plugin management section. Highly recommended :)

Have a nice spam-free blog :)