Windows Mobile 2003 (WinCE)

Wince I certainly did. After Other Half’s purchase of a new phone/PDA combo unit, we’ve been trying all afternoon to get the builtin wi-fi going on the wireless network we have here at home. For reasons best known to myself, I’ve been typing in a 128bit WEP key all afternoon trying to get this bloody thing on the network, and it’s been sitting there smugly saying “Nope. I’ll connect, but you can’t use it.” Or error messages to that effect, anyway :)

So, after much pratting about, and talk (from Orange, who are providing the phone) of returning the thing as faulty, I have a brainwave, after Other Half read a page on the internet about connecting this specific device the net. The page she was reading had nothing to do with the MAC filtering on the Wifi Access Point, but it kicked off a train of thought in my tiny little mind that maybe, as the WAP was doing MAC filtering, I *really* ought to add this device’s MAC address to the WAP.

Easy, you’d think. Just go to the WAP, login and type in the 16 digits between me and Wireless freedom. Not so, with WinCE – there’s no apparent way to get hold of a MAC address on Windows Pocket PC Edition 2003. The internet comes to our rescue, though, some smart cookie has written a WinCE program to show the status of the Wifi adapter in gory detail. One of the things it tells you isthe MAC address, fortunately.

So, for all you lucky, lucky people with Windows Mobile 2003, I’ll point you to the following website so you can find out this sort of thing: vxIPConfig.

Sorted :)

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  1. Actually there is an easier way of getting the mac address on a WinCE device

    START – SETTINGS – ASSET VIEWER – Expand the Wirless Lan Entry and read your Mac address (Bottom Entrie)

  2. Oooo, yeah, that is easier, isn’t it? Silly me and OH, we’ll maybe have to use that after one of us upgrades – bound to happen at some point :)

  3. You chaps may have asset viewer (as stated above) on your pda’s, but I don’t on my smartphone. And if I remember rightly Dave, the MAC address wasn’t showing in the WLAN manager, hence why we had to use vxIPConfig.

  4. She’s right, UJ, Asset Viewer is an HP only program. You and I have it on our HP PDAs, but not all PDAs (such as BH’s HTC Blue Angel-alike) dont. One must be able to find the MAC address somewhere on non HP machines, but it’s obscure beyond belief.

  5. What I should have added earlier is that with my smartphone, the only way to ascertain the MAC address (other than using vxipconfig), is to take the machine apart! Not an ideal solution.

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