Bloody Logitech

Logitech Wireless desktop MX3100 keyboard and mouse.

Very nice bits of kit, all things considered, but hopeless drivers from an out-of-the-box install. Firefox’s Back and Forward functions aren’t triggered by the back and forward buttons on the mouse (which is their flagship MX1000 product). This, I thought is just wrong. It turns out that it is. There’s a new version of the SetPoint software – version 2.31 – which fixes this issue, but it’s been a painful process to find this out. The Logitech website says that Firefox doesn’t work with the SetPoint software, which is utter garbage.
Maybe they’ll get their lives sorted out at some point and update their website, but somehow I doubt it…

I hope this info is useful for somebody who’s just installed the boxed CD software and found it’s not working.