Stupid TV licensing.

Firstly, we have a TV license.

Secondly, there is a gaping hole in the TV licensing laws that I’ve just found out about.
Tip #1: Buy your TV from Tescos.
Tip #2: When the assistant goes to ring it through, ask them if you could apply for your clubcard, as you don’t have one. With any luck, the assistant will swipe the “temporary” clubcard at the till (as they are trained to do), thereby registering with the till that you have a clubcard, bypassing the till printing out the name and address form for you with your visa receipt.
Tip 3#: Don’t fill in the clubcard application form. TV licensing have no idea that you just bought a new TV. They know *someone* did, but not who. What a shame, eh?

Of course, now it’s on the internet, the TV licensing people will be all over Tescos like a rash and close the loophole PDQ. Except it’s on my  blog, so no-one knows, except you and me…