Eating out again!

For the third time this week! How extravagant can you get ;) We have spent a pleasant evening with other half’s dad, as we went to fetch OH’s widescreen TV from its storage in said dad’s spare room.

We thought we would take Ian out for a meal so trolled off to the village pub. I wasn’t impressed at all. According to OH and Ian, the pub used to have iconic status: John Peel did live radio shows from there, U2 have played there. It was, by all accounts, a happening pub. So what the hell happened!!! They have tried to turn it into some cool trendy town centre pub (in the middle of a village :roll: ) with fancy food that was extortionately expensive. We stayed for one drink and moved on.

A nice chinese takeaway was had by all instead. So ner to the pub owners :mrgreen: