Firefox2.0 RC2

I’ve been having some serious problems with Firefox crashing, and generally misbehaving over the last couple of weeks, so decided that I’d give 2.0 RC2 a go just to see if it fixed any/all of the problems I’ve experienced.

Good News! It’s cured them completely. Well, the fact that it disabled all my extensions did it; installing the Nightly Tester Tools and forcing the firefox version check to always allow extensions to load made firefox start crashing again.

I narrowed it down to SessionSaver, and absolute must in Firefox 1.5.x

The good part about this is that Firefox 2 has the session saver built-in – look in the options for what firefox should do on startup. Undo close tab is also built-in; so any misclicks to select a tab, catching the X button is easily undone.

The only thing I miss is a middle-click on the tab bar to open a new tab. But I can cope with that, I think.