Handy camera gadget

For those of you with older cameras, although the affliction seems to be limited to Canon DSLRs, you may be finding the price and size of CF cards to be a bit, well, inflated.  The final nail in the coffin was that my new laptop has got an integrated SD card reader in it, and whilst I have a USB CF card reader, it’s a pain in the neck to use properly.

So, enter the CF to SD adapter.  It’s the size of a Type II CF card (the big one, with the step on the top; you know, the slot type used by the IBM microdrives), and it has a slot in the side that takes an SD card.

Twenty quid from Maplins, part number A47FF

And in the camera (Canon EOS 40D) I’ve got, it works with an 8GB  SD-HC card, despite what the staff answer to a question said.

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