New router update

The Routerbox 750 has arrived, and is now configured.  The packets that comprise this post are flowing through it now :D

It’s different enough from anything I’ve seen before that the specifics of it threw me for a bit, but it’s all configured and works.  And it’s way faster than the old firebrick was – I’m seeing webpages load a lot faster than they did before, it’s actually a very noticeable speedup.

The only thing I need to say to anyone getting one is that the default gateway is a pig to make work – it’s not just good enough to put in the IP address, you have to also populate the interface too.  But that done, it’ll work like a champ.

I’m a happy camper :D

New router

I’m in the market for a new router at the end of the month, I think; the one I’ve got is yonks old and it’s routing speed isn’t brilliant.  Superb web configuration, dead easy to use, but it’s throughput is limited to 10Mbit/S.  This was plenty fast enough in the days of ADSL, when 8Mbit/S was all we could get into the home, but these days it’s a little bit slow, what with line speeds being up to 21Mbit/S (on BT’s ADSL anyway).

I think I’ve narrowed the choice down to one of these routers from; there’s a couple of resellers in the UK.  Couple that board with one of their wifi adapters and it’s a neat little 197Mbit/S router – should be futureproof unless I get fiber to the home at some point ;)

Ok, it’s a bit DIY, but I don’t have a problem with that.  I quite fancy a nice handmade teak box for the thing…

UPDATE: One of the UK distributors is selling the RB750 for £39 including a box, the OS, PSU, P&P and VAT. For that price, I’ve bought one.  It’s slower than the 433AH (above) but it’s still in the same ballpark.  Good enough for what I want, and cheaper if I don’t like it, and end up getting rid…

How to see a call stack of a 32 bit executable in a 64 bit kernel debug session

Most of you aren’t going to care about this post, you can safely ignore it, but I need a semi-permanent place to store such vital information so that I’ve got it available in future.  Sorry people ;)

In the 64 bit kernel debugging session, issue the command:

!load wow64exts.dll

Then, to switch between the 32 bit and 64 bit contexts, issue: