IPv6 is here – happy days!

Well, ipv6 works. This may not come as a big surprise to some of you, but more specifically, I’ve got native IPv6 working on my ADSL line. Thanks to my ISP, I’ve managed to set up the ADSL modem to be bridged, and my main router uses PPPoE to connect to them to achieve connectivity.
The router is an RB750 which for 40 quid all-in is quite a bargain, by the way – and in version 5 of the OS it runs, it’ll do ipv6 over ppp! So I got the allocation from the ISP, plugged in the relevant things into the router (not forgetting the all important ::/0 default route to direct packets up the PPPoE link, thanks to Michael for the tip) and it’s all working.
ipv6.google.com resolves, connects, and displays a page.
Even better, so does http://www.ipv6porn.co.nz/

IPv6 on the horizon

In the latest of the sporadic updates, I’m preparing my home internet for IPv6 with the little routerbox. I’ve enabled PPPoE logins, and my ISP is preparing a set of IPv6 addresses to route at me. With any luck, I’ll be IPv6 enabled by next week. This site is hosted elsewhere, I’ve got no idea when they’re going to do their migration, but all my sites hosted at home will be available on the next gen internet protocol.

Oh, and advice to ZyXEL P660R-D1 ADSL modem owners: If you’re thinking of going from routing mode to bridging mode (for PPPoE clients behind the modem), do a modem reset beforehand – my device failed to work in PPPoE bridging mode until I’d factory reset it. I suspect that this was down to the fact I’d got static routing rules in the device, but I can’t be sure about that, and I am disinclined to debug the kit.

Good times!