Adding a script to debian/ubuntu startup. Also, setting numlock state in X

sudo update-rc.d /etc/init.d/<scriptname> defaults

Also, for those newfangled keyboards without a numlock key (irritating, isn’t it?) then you need the numlockx binary, from debian/ubuntu package numlockx.

Just run “numlockx toggle” to toggle the current state of the numlock key – or “numlockx on” or “numlockx off” to set the state explicitly.

Now, combine that with the startup script hint above, and you’ve got a numpad again.  Top stuff…

Alternatively, you can – it seems – go to the system settings tab in Ubuntu, choose Keyboard, choose “Layout Settings”, click “Options” and in “Miscellaneous compatibility options”, select the “Numeric keypad keys always enter digits (as in Mac OS)”.  This has much the same effect.  But you don’t learn anything about the ubuntu startup scripts this way :P

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