Kids, eh?

Our ISP (Andrews and Arnold), are fairly generous about the amount of bandwidth they let us use; it’s unlimited outside office hours, which run from 8am to 6pm, and we’re allowed 5Gb of usage per month between 8am and 6pm. We’ve been going somewhat over this limit for a few months now, and I’ve just started getting interested in why.

Claire suspected that it was her PC that was banging the traffic up and I wasn’t absolutely sure that it wasn’t mine (I use remote desktop to home from work sometimes).

I put some logging rules in our router yesterday, to monitor all traffic from our respective PCs (and the server, just in case that was doing mad things). Guess who used most traffic today? Yep. Small Person. 349Mb of metered traffic today.

We suspect (although I need to make further investigations to confirm) that it’s actually the IMVU chat program that she uses.

Kids. Who’d have them ;)

Eating out again!

For the third time this week! How extravagant can you get ;) We have spent a pleasant evening with other half’s dad, as we went to fetch OH’s widescreen TV from its storage in said dad’s spare room.

We thought we would take Ian out for a meal so trolled off to the village pub. I wasn’t impressed at all. According to OH and Ian, the pub used to have iconic status: John Peel did live radio shows from there, U2 have played there. It was, by all accounts, a happening pub. So what the hell happened!!! They have tried to turn it into some cool trendy town centre pub (in the middle of a village :roll: ) with fancy food that was extortionately expensive. We stayed for one drink and moved on.

A nice chinese takeaway was had by all instead. So ner to the pub owners :mrgreen:

More storms

I’ve just checked the BBC weather and there are more storms forcast for our area today and tomorrow. Deep joy.

It seems that small person weathered the storm last night in the tent with her friend, and they are still all having a great time. This great time has been improved since a rather nice 15year old lad appeared at the camp ;) The girls are ensuring they are looking nice before seeing him! Aww bless.

Today is sorting techie stuff out like email etc so that we are up and running again properly. My weblog won’t be back online until the weekend I suspect but there you go; I can just clog other half’s up with my thoughts instead :) (he can always delete them later ;) )

Hope you have all survived the storm in tact and it was as spectacular as ours.

Major technological problems

We had a thunderstorm this evening. A real corker. The lights flickered and (well you just know what’s coming don’t you?) and the computers blipped for a few seconds.

But in that few seconds, my server went down. It rebooted, but lost one of the three HDDs in there. And it just happened to be the one that was home to all the websites we host, the email for those websites, the MySQL databases…… You’re getting the picture aren’t you?

Other half is busy trying desperately to rescue the situation but as I write now (and I am sure he will update later), my weblog and the Gallery are lost, I have no email and it all seems pretty hopeless.

As a result of this evening’s debacle, we agreed that we would host everything somewhere else commercially rather than our living room from now on. Other half is sorting this out too (he’s a busy little bee right now). I don’t want a repeat episode again, whether it be an act of God or man.

Stupid TV licensing.

Firstly, we have a TV license.

Secondly, there is a gaping hole in the TV licensing laws that I’ve just found out about.
Tip #1: Buy your TV from Tescos.
Tip #2: When the assistant goes to ring it through, ask them if you could apply for your clubcard, as you don’t have one. With any luck, the assistant will swipe the “temporary” clubcard at the till (as they are trained to do), thereby registering with the till that you have a clubcard, bypassing the till printing out the name and address form for you with your visa receipt.
Tip 3#: Don’t fill in the clubcard application form. TV licensing have no idea that you just bought a new TV. They know *someone* did, but not who. What a shame, eh?

Of course, now it’s on the internet, the TV licensing people will be all over Tescos like a rash and close the loophole PDQ. Except it’s on my  blog, so no-one knows, except you and me…

New Dr. Who actor to leave series.

After only one week visible on our screens, Christopher Ecclestone has resigned the job of playing the Doctor. Apparently he didn’t want to become typecast; after the success of beating Ant & Dec in the ratings war, who can blame him for being worried about having the same fate as Tom ‘Dr Who’ Baker?

Another series of Dr. Who has already been commissioned for next year, Russell T Davies to direct again.

Full story here


What a spanner, eh?
How to knock out your website and replace it with a site that should really only be there on a testing domain. There’ll be an error in the webserver’s config file not defining a default virtual host so that when another one got added (the test domain) it all went pear-shaped and displayed the testing domain’s content. I bet a few of you now know more about that subject now than you wanted to :)

Anyway, situation normal now, so we’ll see if I can foul something else up in a bit…

Oh, and happy christmas and a prosperous new year to you all, sorry this isn’t more timely, but it is, well, Christmas…