Bike related disaster narrowly averted…

Bike related disaster :(

2 days ago, I noticed that the bike was leaking oil (and a fairly substantial amount, too) all over the back yard. When I got to work, it did it on the car park as well. So I ring up the dealers, and get it booked in for yesterday. Yesterday morning, then, I ride up to the dealers with a sinking feeling thinking this was going to be expensive; that they would try to wheedle out of the warranty for some reason or another. Turns out I needn’t have worried, because an hour after I got there, the receptionist came out to the cafe and told me it was ready. So I finish my cup of tea, and wanders into reception. She hands me the key, and the mechanic tells me what was wrong. By this point, I’m in the workshop, well away from the nearest till; they didn’t argue at all, they just did it :) Woohoo!!!

For those of you with an engineering bent, an O ring on the bottom of the oil cooler had split – due to muck introduced at manufacturing time – and the rest is history. I now have a leak-free bike.