Sony support nonsense.

I have Windows XP installed on my sony laptop. Unfortunately (for me) it’s not the XP that came with the machine, as I replaced the Hard Disk, and have used an XP install disk, rather than the system recovery disk – the laptop is well over 4 years old, and the system recovery disk is lost in the mists of time.
Anyway, the install wasn’t performed with the system recovery disk, and one of the programs that Sony provide an install package for on their website won’t work, having installed from that package.

So, I contact sony support, and it turns out that because the bits on my hard disk weren’t placed there by the recovery disk, they won’t support that version of XP; even though it’s a vanilla XP installation.

This raises the question:
My laptop was bought before Windows XP SP2 was released, and given that SP2 fundamentally changed how Windows works (at least in user mode – there were small kernel mode changes), would I get support for a windows install (from their recovery disk) with SP2 applied? The question has been asked. I’ll keep you updated.