Astronomical Observations

First cloud-free (well, relatively – there was some clouds hanging around along the horizon) night with the telescope tonight, despite Metcheck‘s protestations to the contrary. Off I troddle into the back yard with the trusty telescope with the optics all in order (or so I thought) for a swift bit of observing. An hour later, I’d got the mount aligned with polaris, and finally managed to get the finderscope approaching something like aligned. I thought I’d done a pretty good job aligning both the mirrors the other day; they are certainly better aligned than when I bought the thing, but they are obviously not quite right still.
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Nifty application

For mobile phones. Yes, such a beast does exist. Not only is this actually useful, it’s really quite impressive. It’s called MicroSky, and is available for free at: MicroSky homepage. If you don’t have GPRS on the phone, though, forget it as it chats to a server somewhere to get the sky details.
Basically the app runs on the mobile phone, and displays starmaps for your set locations. We’ll see how it fares in the field when the clouds have gone, but right now, I’m impressed :)

New toy

Some of you may already know this through other means, but I thought I’d better put something up here anyway :)
After many months of umm-ing and arr-ing (me hearties!) I’ve finally upped and bought myself a telescope. Primarily, I want to be doing astrophotography with the SLR I’ve got, but some of it is bound to be just looking around the heavens for the hell of it, really. I’ve not yet fetched the camera mount for the scope, that’s on its way, hopefully it’ll be in the shop this weekend, so a quick trip to West Bridgeford on Saturday may well be in order.
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